$9.50 | Vegan - $10.50

California Burrito

Carne asada, fries, rice, beans, avocado pico, cheese and crema.

619 Burrito

Carne asada, fries, avocado mash, cojita cheese and crema.

Hot Cheetos Burrito

Served with choice of meat, hot Cheetos, beans, rice, nacho and shredded cheese, avocado mash and crema.

Texican Burrito

Picadillo meat, beans, rice, lettuce, tomato, cheese and crema.

Monte Burrito

Chicken, rice, beans, avocado mash, cheese and crema.

A.P.B. Burrito

Al-pastor, rice, beans, special slaw and grilled pineapple fries.

Veggie Burrito

Our Veggie burrito is loaded with fresh pinto bean, Mexican rice, lettuce, diced tomatoes, cilantro, lime& garlic sauce, shredded Mexican cheese, diced cucumbers and Crema (sour cream) and avocado slices

Extreme Burrito - "One Huge Burrito!"


Evey available meat, cilantro, onion, nacho cheese, fries, Mexican rice, pinto beans, four types of cheeses, Mexican garlic crema.