Chicharron Preparado


Wheat shell cueritos (pickled pork skins), tomato, avocado, cabbage, crema, lime, hot sauce and Parmesan.



Choice of chip with cucumber, jicama, cueritos (pickled pork skins), Japanese peanuts, lime, Tajin and GTO sauce.

Sour Cheetos


Hot Cheetos, sour pickles, lime, Tajin and GTO sauce.

Ultimate Sour Cheetos


Sour Cheetos with sour belts and green chamoy.



Takis, pineapple chunks, gummies, lime, Tajin and GTO sauce.

Chicarron Chips


Chicharron Chips with a side of limes and Valentina hot sauce



A cup full of Cut Cucumber ,Japanese peanuts spicy tomato juice mix topped with tajin churritos and a tamarindo stick